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Electric Nasal Aspirator

Electric Nasal Aspirator

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Struggling with sleepless nights when your baby is sick?

Look no further! Our Electric Nasal Aspirator is the perfect solution for parents seeking an easy way to relieve their baby's congestion. Our cutting-edge device effortlessly clears nasal passages, providing swift relief. Designed with safety and ease of use in mind, it ensures both you and your baby can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep!



Why our Electric Nasal Aspirator is a game-changer:

✅ EFFECTIVE SUCTION - Delivers consistent and controlled suction, simplifying the process of clearing mucus and congestion from your baby's nasal passages. 6 different modes can be used for delicate use.

✅ BABY-FRIENDLY & SAFE - Engineered with a gentle touch for your baby's delicate nasal tissues, minimizing the possibility of irritation or discomfort during usage. The body of the electric nose cleaner suction adopts safe and hygienic ABS, comes with 2 silicone nose tip sizes to fit newborn noses and toddlers and is BPA and Latex free. Compact Enough, you can take it anywhere and clean your baby’s nose anytime.

✅ CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS - Empowers parents to adjust suction strength according to their baby's individual needs, ensuring personalized care.

✅ HYGIENIC DESIGN - Crafted with removable and washable components, facilitating effortless cleaning and maintenance, thus ensuring optimal hygiene.

✅ DETACHABLE & EASY TO CLEAN - Comes with 2 types of silicone tips; both can be directly dismantled for 360° comprehensive cleaning. A separate setting prevents backflow.

✅ LOW-NOISE MAKES BABY AT EASE - The upgraded nasal aspirator with high speed and low noise. Even if the baby is sleeping, you can use a nose sucker. Gently put the electric nose sucker suction tip into the baby's nasal cavity to suck up the thick secretions. 

Age & Colors

Age: Perfect for Newborns & 1-5 year olds. Safe for Toddlers, Kids & even Adults.

Colors: We offer Pink, Yellow, Light Blue & Light Green.

Includes USB Charger

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